Behind the Beauty Scenes…

beautyjagd x ProTec Ingredia Beauty serial story

I’ve developed a beauty serial story in cooperation with ProTec Ingredia. Our journey is leading us to the heart of the cosmetics industry – because without active ingredients there wouldn’t be any beauty products.

We have been publishing monthly epsiodes since 2019, offering plenty of behind-the-scenes insights into the beauty industry, from visits to seaweed farmers in Brittany to interviews with industry players.

All previous episodes of our Beauty Serial Story:

  1. Introduction to my Beauty Soap
  2. A visit to an algae farmer in Brittany
  3. The people behind ProTec Ingredia
  4. How beauty innovations happen
  5. Will it be possible to distill the fascinating skin care properties of moss into a cream jar?
  6. Why algae and cosmetics are such a good match
  7. How Swiss manufacturer Mibelle Biochemistry is developing a moss-based ingredient by using innovative technologies
  8. Sometimes lunch-time is the best time to generate new ideas for active ingredients
  9. A Visit to Codif’s R&D department: How the company manufactures its cosmetic ingredients
  10. Why oat is so beneficial for dry and irritated skin
  11. How an private label manufacturer selects its active ingredients and what key issues will be shaping the cosmetics industry in the future
  12. Interview with Dr. Franziska Wandrey, Study & Research Manager at Mibelle Biochemistry
  13. Four innovative new cosmetic ingredients
  14. How the effects of active ingredients are researched with the help of skin models
  15. Swiss foundation ProSpecieRara supports biodiversity
  16. How the cosmetics industry is experiencing the pandemic
  17. How Codif manages to achieve 360° sustainability
  18. A walk through the ingredients production facility of Mibelle Biochemistry
  19. A talk with Dr Jan Riedel from BSB Innovation Award
  20. A webinar on blue biotechnology for sustainable beauty
  21. Application technology in cosmetics industry
  22. Four cosmetic ingredients for more glow
  23. How DNA analysis is making cosmetic ingredients safer
  24. Five exciting moments at Mibelle Biochemistry’s 30th anniversary Cyber Celebration
  25. What adistributor of cosmetic ingredients does
  26. An inspiring art project: Corail Artefact
  27. My visit of Cosmetic Business trade show in Munich
  28. Four new innovative ingredients for skin and hair
  29. How to ensure the safety of cosmetic ingredients
  30. Why Bioth-Ecology is the future of beauty
  31. Visiting the lab with McCell
  32. A webinar about oat and resilient beauty
  33. Beauty trends at In-Cosmetics Global 2022 in Paris
  34. What the INCI list can (and can’t) tell us
  35. A beauty tour through Switzerland
  36. Active ingredients for a strong skin barrier
  37. A beauty crossword puzzle
  38. Dive into the world of Jania rubens
  39. Active ingredients for gender-neutral beauty
  40. Nine facts about hair
  41. Seven beauty trends in 2023

Stay tuned for upcoming posts!